what wattage of tube amp would be as equally as loud as a normal drummer? Or should i say compliments the volume of the drums well?
Depends how hard he's hitting them.

I've a 60watt amp and can be heard over the drums.
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A drummer would be comparable to a cranked 30 watt amp or so
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Depends how hard he's hitting them.
And how much you crank your amp.
It depends on your drummer. My mate hits his drums freaking hard and a 75watt SS amp with every knob turned to full (say goodbye to tone) can barely be heard over him. Another one of my mates plays at a more reasonable volume and I can play properly with a 15watt SS amp dialed for proper tone.
About 20-30watts SS amp is equally loud as a drummer when fully cranked. But SS amps sound like **** then, so atleast a 50w ss is needed for playing with a drummer. Tube, my valveking royal 8 (5w) can keep up with a drummer when the gain and volume is maxed, but it gets kinda muddy then.
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I don't know exactly. But whatever you do, don't crank your amp up all the way, it's not good for your amp.
15watt tube amps can get over drummers. It also depends if its class A or A/B. a class A 5 watt amp can be known to be heard over a drummer. Lots of amps are different.
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