alrite, i'm beginning to lose all hope here and i've looked through countless lists of songs for about 5 hours and no results.

i know all of you feel my pain when you hear this amazing classic song on the radio and try to keep those lyrics in your head just so you can strum it to hell at home.

problem is, i've forgotten the song and i've went through way too many Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, and Phil Collins songs...i've become so obsessed with finding it that i'm desperate

so far the only things i remember are...

-Definitely a classic. i'm currently looking through top 70s, 80s, and 90s hits
-DEFINITELY on the acoustic guitar
-the words "Heart" and "Soul" are in the chorus and it's definitely categorized under 'Love Songs'

any help would be great. i can't seem to find a decent list of classic acoustic guitar songs...instead i come up with something called Magnetic Fields...

if possible, please post the artist as well? i might recognize it =p

Practice, Practice, Practice.