Hey, i've made a little orchestral intro thing and im not really sure where to take it from here

it stars off with a little piano and then builds up with other accompanying instruments

im not sure if i should make it tail offf nicely, or add in guitars e.t.c and make it into a full song, so any advice would be good

dang i love this! you should def. make it into a full song, have it build into a heavy symphonic black metal song! this is absolutely epic you should def. continue working on this!
10/10 on that intro
I have some intros up too so if you could give them some crit that would be awesome
dang ur intro gave me shivers lol
well towards the end of it you already have it building when the guitars start coming in so i would go with that and just keep building up in volume and intensity and then bring in a nice heavy riff, since ur already in 3/4 i would leave it in 3/4 for the riff cuz that gives it a very cool feel, but have like an epic drum fill and then let all hell break loose with some riffing lol sorry if that advice is kind of rambling