i'd think so...
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If you ask me...they're best acoustic guitar makers.
But Martins are good when you play it for 2 months, then give it to a pro to set it up properly.
Then they're the best. But not before you do all that.
Idk about Taylors...but they rock!
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Aimed at? I dont think they necessarily are, but their quality in their higher end guitars are certainly good enough for any professional. I think Martin and Taylor are aimed more for the regular guitar enthusiasts than anything. If they were really aimed at professionals then they would be doing almost purely custom work instead of mass production.
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They are aimed at people with money. You can be 2 months old but as long as these companies get their money, they don't care. I don't think there are any AIMED at professionals. Just the companies that are endorsed by more.
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Yeah i'd say so if you say "proffesional" rather than famous players because they don't really make beginner or very cheap guitars, they make expensive brilliant guitars.
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Yeah they basically aim at those who can afford a nice guitar. Wether it be professional or just a hobbyist, they dont care. If you have the money, definately get a Taylor. Martins are good too, but I personally prefer Taylor.

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