Best guitar in the range of 500 dollars would be best which is V shaped and has no floyd rose. Not interested in Flying Vs something like LTD V-200 you know which guitar would be best?
Try having a look at a BR Rich jr. V - the IT's are a nice little guitar, Damned unique as well.
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The unique thing about the IT is that it has a bolt through body neck/body joint. It's more comphortable than a regular bolt on neck and apparently has better sustain too. I played one and it seemed pretty dam good, much better than the 'bronze' series BC's. Try one out if think they sound alright but your not shure.

I'd recoment a Jackson RR5, but thats like double your budget I think, so you'd have to save up. But You'd get a primo guitar. Check out some more jacksons, I think there are still some new but discontinued Jackson KVX10's knocking around they have a fixed bridge, the newer ones have a floyd. Also theirs a special edition jackson RR3 with a fixed bridge but it's hard to find, awsome guitar though

Saying that the LTD V-200 is an awsome guitar too
ltds do pwn pretty hard...
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