Hey, just received my Bogner cab to go with my ENGL Blackmore and I'm really excited. The Blackmore has multiple options (4, 8 and 16 ohms), which one do I choose? Thanks.
16...but I'm not 100% sure about it.
but cuz I saw 1x12 amps have 4 ohms, 2x12 8 ohms and so I guess 4x12 is 14ohms.
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well whats the oms of the cab.
you just match them.
it should say by the speaker jack
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I'm pretty positive Bogner has a lot of their amp cabs set for 16 ohm (which can be achieved by wiring different size cabs different wires, using speakers with different impedences, etc).

I'm not 100% positive about their 2x12's... but I know most of their 1x12s and 4x12s go at 16 ohm, so it is reasonable to assume the speaker drives at 16 ohm for 2x12s as well.

To be 100% certain... you can look at the speaker directly (on its backside). It should tell you, very clearly, the make/type of speaker as well as its impedance and power rating. If the amp is closed-back, you will need to unscrew it and carefully remove the back and take a peak. Then you will need to note how it is wired... Depending on the each speakers rating, and how they are wired, will determine the impedance of the cab.

If this seems daunting/confusing... I'd recommend calling Bogner and asking them what the cab is rated at; or, try Googling it.

CAUTION! Don't just hook up the cab and try it out. If you hook up the impedances incorrectly, you can risk damage to your tube amp. You need to match the impedance of the cab with the amp. So if the cab is 16 ohm, you need to hook it up to the 16 ohm on the amp.
I just looked up your amp...

Once you figure out the impedance of the cab... this is how you should hook it up:

If the cab is 4ohm: Plug a speaker cable into the cab; plug the other end into ONE of your Engl's outputs labeled "Parallel 4ohm". (do not connect anything to any of the other outputs; even the other 4ohm jack)

If the cab is 8ohm: Plug speaker cable to cab; plug other end into ONE of your Engl's outputs labeled "Parallel 8ohm". (do not connect anything to any other output; even the other 8-ohm jack)

If the cab is 16ohm: Plug speaker cable in cab; other end into Engl's output labeled "16ohm". (again, do not connect anything else to any other output)

That's it.

For future reference: The outputs labeled "Parallel 4ohm" and "Parallel 8ohm" work like this... the jacks are connected in parallel internally inside the amp. So the two jacks inside the "4ohm" box, are connected together inside the amp (same for 8hom). Basically... your amp must see a total load of 4ohm from whatever is connected to the 4ohm outputs; and must only see a total load of 8ohm from the 8ohm outputs. So, if you have a 4ohm cab, you should use one of the 4ohm jacks (same logic for 8ohm). But... if you have say two 8ohm cabs you want to hook up... you would hook one into the 4ohm jack, and the other cab into the other 4ohm jack (because two 8ohm cabs, which are connected in parallel internally) will create a total load of 4ohm. Similar logic for 8ohm... if you have two cabs rated at 16ohm, connect one cab to one 8ohm jack, other cab to other 8ohm jack; this creates a total load of 8ohms (because two 16ohm cabs, connected in parallel internally, creates a 8ohm load).