I have a Peavey Bandit 112, and I was wondering if it is bad for the amp or speaker to plug in two guitars at the same time.
When i've tried something like this it hast worked. Amp only seems to be able to put any gain onto one guitar at a time
You mean the distortion on the amp?

If so, what if both guitars used the clean channel, with distortion pedals?
it's not bad but it won't sound as good. i used a splitter (1/4 male to two 1/4 female) when my friends amp broke down during practice. it works but one stands out from the other. when you roll the volume of the main guitar, the other won't be heard as well. at least, that's from my experience.
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I've tried it with the same amp. It works, however one guitar will be way louder than the other. It's not really worth it.
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lol we used to do that at school its ok but 2 amps is better
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