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I made a thread awhile ago asking if i should buy a Epiphone Dot or a Epiphone Casino, you help me out pretty good, and i went to a store and tried them out. I decided to go for a Casino. I haven't bought it yet, I'm going on vacations in 1 week till august, so I'll buy it after the vacation. Ok, so with that beauty I'm gonna buy a VOX AC15 (or AC30 if i find a cheap one on ebay or something). So to the question now, I mainly gonna play Lifehouse (Alternative rock, pop rock music), so the Casino and the VOX AC gonna suit me great for that. BUT i'm also into playing Blink 182 and Sum 41 songs, and this is what worries me. Am i gonna be able to play Blink and Sum making it sound good, I mean playing it sounding like they actually play it? I guess the question is: Will my EQ do, or do i need any pedals or save up for an other guitar to play these songs? And if you think I do, what should I buy? Would a Mesa boogie V twin do the trick? All help is appreciated!

Thanks in advanced! /José
Anyone got any suggestion? As said before, all answers are appreciated
Groups like Blink 182 use high output pickups. High output pickups compress your tone and filter off high and low end. Luckily making low output pickups have the tonal characteristics of high output pickups is really easy to do. With some amps you can get the compressed tone simply by turning down the treble and bass on and turning up the mids. Sometimes people find that they need a compressor pedal get thick tone like you would find on a high output pickup. Many distortion pedals, such as the tube screamer, will also compress your tone and fatten things up to help you sound more like you have high output pickups.
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Ok, thanks a lot for the info and theory really appreciated because now i know what i'm out for. So as asked, would the Mesa Boogie V twin preamp make things better, or what pedals would do? Any good ones you can recommend? And btw the Casino got P90s pickups
Sorry for spamming, but doesn't anyone got any suggestions for distortion pedals? :S
^The v-twin would help. The key would be in the EQ and natural tube compression rather than the distortion though. If you are looking for a great distortion pedal and you have the money then you might as well go for it, but if you are more worried about getting that compressed high output pickup tone then there are options that are just as good that cost less.

I suggest you check out this pedal

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Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble and Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive. That'll do the trick. The CE-5 will widen your sound and thicken it up a bit while the SD-1 used as a gain boost will push your amps gain over the top without overly coloring your amps natural tone. Other overdrives you can look into is an MXR Micro Amp or Wylde Overdrive and an Ibanez Tubescreamer.
hm ok cool, but i need both then? Shouldn't be any problem using them with the VOX AC15 right? And also, what price should they be around so i know what prices i should look for :P Thanks alot for the help
I have an AC30. Strongly recommend it over an AC15. Not gonna sound like Blink 182 at all. More of a vintage sounding amp. You're gonna have to buy a DS1 or equivalent to obtain that sound.
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hm ok cool, but i need both then? Shouldn't be any problem using them with the VOX AC15 right? And also, what price should they be around so i know what prices i should look for :P Thanks alot for the help

The CE-5 Chorus Ensemle brand new will run you around $90 and the SD-1 Super Overdrive about $40 brand new. Used I have seen the CE-5 as low as $45 and the SD-1 $25. Nope you shouldn't have any problems running it with an AC15 I know for a fact it'll kick ass through there. You gotta hear how "wide" the CE-5 can get when you run it in stereo. Absolutely GORGEOUS tone. The SD-1 will push your gain section over the top. Step on it when you want an over the top lead sound with extended harmonics and long sustain. Or if you just wanna get heavier (ala Zakk Wylde) But beware when you are not playing roll your guitar volume off or turn off the SD-1. If not youll get too much feedback. These are 2 pedals everyone should have in there arsenal.

I can give you my settings if you want. You can use that as a basis for your own sound. Peace!
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