Make a signature and edit my avatar? I can't seem to find the place where i fill this info in
Read the stickied FAQ thread.

What is a signature/avatar/user title? How do I change mine?
- Your signature is a piece of writing that will be added to the end of every post you make. It must be no more than 250 characters in length (including any code) and cannot contain embedded images.
- Your avatar is the small picture that appears beside every post you make. It must be 50x50 pixels in size or smaller, and no larger than 19.5kb. If you need a picture resized, please visit the Avatar Exchange.
- Your user title is the small piece of writing that appears directly below your username, next to each post you make.

- All of these options can be changed in your Control Panel which can be found near the top of your screen:

- The options to edit your signature, avatar and user title (found within Edit Profile) can be found on the left menu in your Control Panel:

How do I 'sig' someone/put a quote in my signature?

- First you need to obtain the quote you'd like to put in your sig. Do this by clicking the 'Quote' button underneath the post containing the quote. Select all of the text that is given to you, including the [quote] tags, right click, and select copy (or alternatively you may copy by pressing Ctrl-C).
- Now go to your Control Panel, click 'Edit Signature' on the left, paste the text into the box provided, and click 'Save Signature'.