i've just ordered a hellraiser and i already own the schecter classic.Is it worth it to me to mod the hellraiser because i heard it makes the pick ups sound more like passives wich i already have in my classic. Also the hellraiser i ordered has the coil tap for better cleans if that makes a difference in the decision....so to mod or not to mod...hmmmm
Go for it. It makes the EMGs so much more lively and open. Without, they are ice picky and boring.

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that sounds like a good plan. modifying and customizing guitars is a great thing to do. it makes your instrument feel more one of a kind.
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so you are saying it will provide more gain.....

I don't think it does, I heard it gives more headroom or something. Try to search for previous threads about the 18V mod.
Man it is for EVERYONE it opens up the sound more. Really hard to explain but i reccomend it. I made a thread on it a while back. Try searching for it.