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The part I am talking about is the end of the bridge that comes before the solo.
Like, after all those Dsus's and stuff Page plays something that he doesn't play on the studio version, and this part is added exactly at where the solo starts in the studio version (so in the live it;s just before the solo).
There's one tab here on UG (the rest being Guitar pros of the same tab), and technically the chords for this part seem correct but the picking isn't- in the live version Page plays it more complex, with more notes, and I can't seem to figure it out. It should be easy, though, so I'll appreciate any help!

Here's the tab from UG:
Am            Am/G    F
  +E  E E E +E  E E E   S S S S E S S +S  S E S S E

  Am         G               Gmaj7/B
                                                  GtGtr IV
   E S S E E S S S S E E   S S  S S  S  E  S  +E  E E E

Listen to the live "The son remains the Same" version, and you'll quickly know what I'm talking about.

Thanks very much!
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Do you mean "The Song that Remains the Same?"
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Do you mean "The Song that Remains the Same?"

No he actually means the son remains the same, don't you know that album?

On a less sarcistic note, I think you just need to let everything ring out...
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