im 13, im in a metal band, i have an ibanez rg350dx, 400$ is my budget, i need a tube amp that goes good with metal and loud enough for gigging. thank you (ps. i play thrash/deathmetal/rock so it needs to have decent sound in all aspects even clean, and no over 400$ pls) combo amp probably------ ok i think i came down to the line 6 spider3 120 watt(solid state), valve king 112 50watt, crate v50 50 watt, flexwave 120 watt (solid state), b-52 100 used head (but if my budget is 400 how will i get a cabinet), please help me, this is very important. thank you
Valveking. There is no reason to get a half stack. You're gonna have a really hard time moving it around for shows.
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jcm-800 marshall used for 400, got to search for it though

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jcm-800 marshall used for 400, got to search for it though

Not. Going. To. Happen.

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