Lately I've been having trouble with breaking my high strings while pulling up on the tremolo arm. It never used to do it, and I didn't change the way I restrung my guitar. Any ideas?
When you re-string your guitar, give the strings a good stretch before tuning it up. Not only does this help with tuning in general, but eases the strings into being put under pressure. If that fails, buy thicker strings - they sound better anyway! Hope it helps.
play on your strings a little bit before you start going whammy crazy...or just go a little less whammy crazy...thats all i know to say...
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Thanks for the response guys.

I did have 9's on my guitar when it happened, so maybe I'll go to 10's next time.

I played with the strings for a couple of hours without using the whammy bar at all, and when I did use it, I didn't go crazy with it. Just pulled it up about 3/4 of the way, and the high e broke at the bridge.