Could you guys give me any personel info on ME-50 multi effect pedal. I was thinking of getting one but all the reveiws were half assed like the site did them or something.
never used one.

have you checked this site for reviews? up at very top? those are pretty good because for the most part they are by UGs like you and me and typically don't have a lot of that marketing crap in them.

my vote of course is the Digitech RP250 for $150


just focus on single pedals as the tone is better
I used to have one and it's pretty decent, I'm just not real impressed with it because it's made for live performance where it works well and I'm just a beddie jammie. Can't do much with it.

I got something that makes my head swim and that's my Adrenalin III.

Just $75 more and you can have one.
I own one and the Delay and other Effects pedals are excellent. Very good Chorus on it aswell.

The Wah and especially the different Distortions are pretty weak though. I bought a different Distortion pedal.
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I can get excellent blues using one. All of my distortion comes from the ME-50, because my amp only does cleans, and I think for the money it's the best you can get. It's extremely user-friendly, and sounds great. It's definitely not as good as if you were to buy dedicated single pedals for each thing, but it's a lot cheaper with what you're getting. If you've got a good amp, you should be able to get pretty much any sound out of it, you just need to know how to use it. The distortions aren't "terrible" or "weak". The wah leaves a little to be desired if you use a lot of distortion. All the modulation effects work just fine, reverb sounds good, and I can make my guitar sing like a strat with some light bluesy overdrive and the tone modify. Delay is also really easy with the tap feature, and setting everything up is easy.
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I think you'll be sick of a multieffect after three months and want separate stomp-boxes.
Or I was atleast. I didnt have the Boss, though.
Don't get it, save up for stomp-boxes, you'll be happy in three months.