Ive been playing this song its fun i got most of it down last night. In the intro he hits the low and high E at the same time like you would finger picking but its played with a pick. How would i go about doing this? Should I move the pick out of the fingers and fingerpick the fill and pluck the high and low E finger and then return the pick for the natural harmonics and continue with the pick? How do you guys do this? I wathced youtube but it was hard to make out but he was clearly using a pick.

Or does hammet just hit that low E for hetfield and hetfield just playes the high E.

Sorry if this is confusing any help would be appriciated.
hold the pick with your index and thumb like regular and use it to pick the low e. catch the the high e with your middle finger. its simple really and this way you dont have to set the pick down and after the intro you can go straight back into picking
sorry last post was confusing. i misread your problem haha. use the method i described, and you can still pick the natural harmonics on the b and high e strings. you never have to set the pick down