haha..omg..this can actually make me hate the song
Her friends are gazing on her,
And on her gaudy bier,
And weep!-oh! to dishonor
Dead beauty with a tear!
They loved her for her wealth-
And they hated her for her pride-
But she grew in feeble health,
And they love her-that she died.
haha.....lol wut
You're So Scene Right Now ^_^

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Finally his girlfriend found out what it was like giving oral sex to fishsmelling genital organs.
i love the way he dosent even say "i tried" its like i screeeeech
the funny thing is the is one decent guitarist in there but he is playing in the background and his volume is down compared to the **** guitarist

also i love when he tries to stand on the drum kit and falls off
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Does anyone have the link for the crappy bulls on parade cover?

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i thought this was gonna be a "that was me so stop all the hate"
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
owwww.... i had to stop it at 1:22... thats all i could handle
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my dick is generally better than yours, and is more pleasing to look at and hold.
your dick understands and accepts this, and is willing to just move on.
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more please!! i havent laughed so hard in years!


I agree. These are hilarious.
ewwwww, i hate the singer. spaztic and can't sing worth beans. or scream.

the lead isn't very good either, its so loud it drowns out most of the band which isn't good, and making mistakes that loud is also bad.
ill never criticise my brothers singing again...
now to emerse myself in music which doesnt make me want to eat my own head...
All of these are hilarious. Especially the little kids doing Sepultura
i have this cover favorited to my youtube account because it cracks me up
I'm Always Thinking...

dude awesomepossum5 is more bearable than that band that covered bulls on parade
People are strange when youre a stranger
Faces look ugly when youre alone
Women seem wicked when youre unwanted
Streets are uneven when youre down
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old, but still hilarious

my personal favorite: The Final Countdown!

omg thats hillarious we should start a sticky for just bad covers posted on youtube lol
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this sounds like its been edited over.
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Oh my bloody god. Imagine if you were a girl and you woke up to find your little brother's friend standing over you with his erect penis on your breasts...

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isnt there a law against not shaving? thats somewere in our constitution. i think it goes something like a girl maybe be a freak in the sheets but no be wild down stairs is treason and for that she will be beheaded.-good old Benjamin F.

I feel so dirty
Damn beaten to it
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So we had a music battle, copying what each other did and upping the ante and whatnot. After awhile of going nowhere, I said to the pianist "let's see you do this, asshole" played a single note... and bent it up a step. And left.
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Old as the hills, seen it so many times.

I personally think it was an improvement on the original.