its my birthday today and i got some moeny and im thinking of getting a wah its got to be under 100 pounds though, i like metal, vai and the old classic rock kinda wah, ive ben looking at the little alligator, bad horsie, cry baby (not too keen on this) and the ibanez weeping demon any suggestions?

cheers guys
A Dunlop 535Q maybe?

They're pretty versatile, and can handle higher gain.

If not maybe look into some kind of RMC wah.
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Happy Birthday ! and as for the wah , i'd say a crybaby. I have the slash signature model ... Sick pedal, nice tone clean or dirty plus it has a distortion circuit built in. the downside is to turn on the distortion the wah needs to be on too. And i've heard that the weeping demon is very good also
sorry didnt realise there was one , ive tried a cry baby and i didnt like the on off bit i found it a bit difficult on my friends morley i found it easier with the side switch so i might look into the wd7
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Happy birthday! and Vox V847

that won't handle metal very well at all.
Happy Birthday!
i suggest a steve vai bad horsie 2 i know it's like $125 USD so you should be able to find one
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