I was thinking of moving to an Electric from an Acoustic-Electric.

I'm trying to keep it under $500. I might go to $800.

What would be a good guitar(Company and everything)?
What are your experiences?

Also, same things but for an effects pedal or whatever.

Try looking towards a Johnson acostic-electric.....
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What genres you play?
Fender, Gibson and Ibanez have all 3 made their names in different genres. I know more about Fender and Gibson than about Ibanez. If you go for a fender you're going for a consumerguitar with easily replacable parts and which can relatively easily be customised. If you go for a gibson you go for a more 'handcraft' feeling, somewhat more autentique. They do take some getting used to (somewhat more than a fender for instance).
Both brands offer a very good quality.

Ibanez is more of a metalbrand I think.

My personal favorite from these 3 is fender due to the great variability. The others are more "1 direction" kinda guitars. It's a matter of preference there ^^

Also I'd say check out what Gretsch has to offer. I've never played a gretsch but from what I've seen and heard they're awsome guitars. More of a rockabilly type. Heavy guitars with a full tone maybe the most pronounced use of the tremolo arm of all brands.
I play a lot of genres. I don't really like metal, so Fender Strat or tele? For Gibson what type.
Anybody have anything about effect pedals?