I have a soft spot for doggies.
Post hillarious/cute animal video's here!

Probably been done before but I want new ones!
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isnt there a law against not shaving? thats somewere in our constitution. i think it goes something like a girl maybe be a freak in the sheets but no be wild down stairs is treason and for that she will be beheaded.-good old Benjamin F.


no-ones posted

except me...

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Must if they break for me, better sounds come from the way you play more-so than the strings.

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>hen I said 'must', i meant just.

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I think we've realised I can't type by now...
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lol, that is one crazy puppie... although my dog was pretty nuts when she was a puppy

http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ll4Hca0UPYM <---- please excuse the music i have no idea why its on there lol

ahaha thats the most adorable thing in the world =D!!
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You're awesome, dude.