i could be wrong, but i think that is a hagstorm kent (PB24g?) not sure to be honest, but it doesnt ahve the hagstorm badge on the plastic body cover just above the fretboard, so it might be a copy?

i dunno :\
that's the one, legend. it's definately real, the player has many hagstrom guitars.
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What model is this?

Are you sure that's even a Hagstrom?

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guy that sells it says it is Hagstrom, but I couldnt find one like it, it has only two pots ( it looks like there are two closed holes between that two pots ) and there is no hagstrom logo on headstock.

Well, that's the closest I've ever seen a Hagstrom look like a Les Paul, and it has a completely different headstock and all that. I'll just do some research for you.

EDIT: No, I really can't find anything like it. Ask them for a serial or something, but if it was a Hagstrom, it would defo say on the headstock.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
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Guy that sells it says that guitar is 30 years old.
We dont know why the headstock has no sign, the pickups are not orginal.

EDIT: Tomorrow we will have the guitar in hands. The pictures have low resolution and there is no details on them.
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