hey I just starded playing guitar and im sure there is a lot of newwbies out there so I was hoping you all can put up everything you know about guitar and bass like fret buzz, pickups, amps, necks, strings, guitar terms just to help us newbies out.

thanks a lot.
Check the lessons section I think

Edit: and ask questions yeh.
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in theory this sounds like a good idea. but then again so does communism. Even your average joe knows to much to type about guitar. So asking specific questions would be a lot more helpful to you.
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Wow, this is gonna be fun... here you go dude.

Fret buzz- when you're action is too low or you frets are too worn from playing, so either raise the action or have your frets redressed by a guitar shop repairman.

Action - is the height of the strings at the nut, and at the twelfth fret, or 17th. You can adjust this by filing the nut, or by lowering the saddles on your bridge. (Don't do this unless you know what you are doing...!@$)

Nut- is the part at the top of the neck where the strings are held in place to go to the tuners.

Bridge - the other end that your strings go into on the body. There are many different kinds, styles, pros and cons, etc.

Tremolo, or vibrato arm - used to create the "whammy bar" effects, can be double locking or not, I usually don't buy a guitar without one because I believe they are essential to harnessing all the possible sounds out of a guitar.

Tuners - what tunes your guitar, (duh) they can be six in a line, three on either side, or five and one, depending on the type of guitar.

Pickups - on electric guitars they pickup the string vibration and send it out to the amplifier to be, well, amplified. Pickups come in single coils, which is just one, like on a Fender Strat or Tele, or Humbuckers, which come on most all Gibson guitars, and PRS, etc... Single coils have a hum, unless you have Samarium noiseless ( which are expensive) and humbuckers are two single coils wound opposite of each other to "buck" the hum... humbucker. Different pickups give you different sounds, and hotrodding or replacing pickups in a guitar can take a crappy guitar and make is somewhat better depending on how bad it originally is.

Guitar strings- obviously, what you play with, they come in different gauges, or sizes, I recommend an 8 or 9 for you beginners, and gradually progress to heavier strings, unless you don't really like your fingertips of course... Acoustic strings usually have a wound G string, and electrics don't.

Tunings - standard guitar tuning is E, A, D, G, B, E, from top to bottom, but they are many, many different tunings that you can play with to get different sounds with, the most common being dropped D and C, standard flat, open D, G, and C, etc...
New guys, just learn standard first, it's hard enough...

Solidbody, semi-hollow, and hollowbody electric - solidbody guitars are the most durable, and common electric guitars. The inside with the exception of the pickup and electronics cavities is completely, er, solid. So you can throw your guitar around a bit and it will only scratch it and make you look like an idiot. Semi- hollows are like Gibson ES-335 or Telecaster Thinlines, and they offer a more jazzy, open, reverby sound and are very cool. However, fragile. And obviously, hollowbodies are completely hollow except for bracing and are extremely fragile, but offer they're own variety of sounds.

Well, I already played guitar four hours today, and this typing is only making it worse on the old nubbins, so if you guys have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at cbliss_19@hotmail.com, or just write on this page again. Peace, and have fun!