okay basically I want to start learning guitar this week and hopefully be somewhat good by the end of this summer by practicing everyday. Now, my dad is really good at the guitar but he works all day everyday, he said he could help teach me how to play but I don't want to practice a few things he teaches me a night for 8 hours a day. So instead of that I figured I'd watch youtube videos during the day and have my dad also help me by night.

Soooo does aynbody know any youtube videos/channels that basically teach kids how to play guitar for literally the first time? Like I literally have the guitar in my lap for the first time. Help is GREATLY appreciated
Hey check these two people out on youtube! (Just search them)



Great lessons, inlcuding all styles! Really helped me.

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I'm a beginner too and I found http://video-tabs.com , I find that it's really helpful to watch someone play the songs you want to learn. It helped me a LOT trying to get Glycerine down.
Try Guitar Player TV & True Fire TV on the Web. They post lots of free lesson videos
im pretty new i use a mixture of guitar pro 5 and youtube to learn new songs and such. seems to be working pretty well. you can get guitar pro for free if you know how to look and tabs and stuff are downloaded fom this site. :-)
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