I am going to radio shack pretty soon here for my killswitch but just to make sure i get the right one what is the actual name of it?
It's a momentary switch... you can get open or closed depending on how you wire it... I forget which one is easier to set up.
You could always go for a toggle switch a la Matt Bellamy and his Mansons!
thanks for the help and no i wanted to go for a momentary i just wasnt sure of the name and didnt wanna get wrong thing.By you can wire it for open or closed do you mean if i wire it wrong it will be off all the time? or is it two different types of switches cause i certaintly dont want power off till i hit a button
you will probably want a momentary on switch, so when the switch is not pressed the signal is flowing correctly and when you press it down it kills the signal i believe. But i think you can wire it an off one to do the same thing if you do it correctly
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