does anybody know if an 80's jcm800 combo has an effects loop on it?

cant seem to find the info anywhere!

The ones that do are:
4210: 50W, 1x12 combo. Dual channel
4212: 50W, 2x12 combo. Dual channel
4112: 100W, 2x12 combo. Dual channel

Keep in mind though, the FX loop in these were quite noisey. You could get an odl 80's JCM800 combo and then have someone mod them with an FX loop. They are VERY common mods and very easy to do too! It's a simple mod that wouldnt' break your bank. It's probably like one of the most popukar mods EVER!
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some do, it seems mainly the dual channel models (which sound pretty good to me) have them.

As Gabel mentioned, there are a lot of mods for effects loops on jcm 800s, and they work really well, but decide which model JCM 800 you want; one of the two channel models mentioned before (also include the 2205 and 2210 heads), or one of the single channel combos (which i don't remember names) or heads (2203 or 2204).