I've got an old strat copy that i feel like i want to do something with, but i don't really know what. I was thinking on putting in my old Ibanéz humbucker in it and repaint it to start with, anyone else got any ideas? How much work would that be? More things like coil-tap on the humbucker and maybe a killswitch, would it be too much for me to do?
totally put an emg 85 on it, or it'd be sweet to see a strat with a floyd rose on it
I've never been a fan of neither EMGs or active pickups...and i'm a bit cheap...so i prefer use my old Ibanéz inf pickup
get some dimarzio pickups for it.
inf pickups sound awful and muddy IMO
maybe new tuners like grover, sperzel, or schaller.
that wouldnt be too hard
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