Alright, So my boyfriend gave me a really special Bass the other day. It was his uncles and it is pretty old. That's really not the point though. His uncle had put new strings on it just before my boyfriend gave it to me and as soon as I strummed the D string the metal part at the at the bottom of the D peg that screws into the head popped. The screw head snapped off and now just the screw's body is in the wood and I can't get it out. Does anyone know if there is anyway to fix this.I have tried using the smallest retractor heads I could find but none of them worked. Please if you have any ideas, help me!!
parallel hacksaw? do they make those?
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use ur tong even if it dont work it'll b funny to see on youtube
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use a very small chisel to make a slot in the top of the body of the screw.
it's like you're fashioning a replacement head. then just use a small pen screwdriver and remove the screw.
or you can dig in there with a pair of needle-nose plyers and gradually twist it out, if there's enough to grab on to....
ok so this is alwayse fun

take off the bridge take a look at how much you got of the screw out of the body if you have like 1/8 of an inchleft then you can use a visegrip like this http://www.toolmonthclub.com/store/images/products/visegrip150.jpg lockit so the wrench is parallel to the body of the guitat and turn it counterclockwise to un screw it if you dont have that much out you may have to drill out the bit using a high speed steel bit thats big enought to take the holething out and glue a piece of dowell in to the hole and fluch trim it and re drill the hole for the bridge depending on the tipe of bridge you wont be able to see it and it should work fine if you dont care abought the screw and wanna make it look like it did epoxy it in with a 2 part epoxy but still your best bet is to go to a music store