I still dont have monitors and probably should get some RP5s if I can find them for $100 a pop so I dont have to mix on headphones...

Anyone have a source for the $100 KRK RP5s?
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What do you already have?
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Do you have a good microphone(s)? If not then that's something you could use.
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I have a few fair mics and a good interface...I probably really should get the monitors now that I think of it...

Anyone have a source for the $100 RP5s?
every place I know online is sold out...probably due to them being discontinued soon...
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oh wait you mean audio..

cable upgrades?
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Yea it does look like they redesigned the old ones and put them back out at the original price..

Mackie also came out with some 5" woofer monitors which also go for $150 a pop.
I will have to look into all the new sets and get some reviews, then I can keep an eye on ebay.