hey, so i just got a GPS and its pretty cool but. i don't really know how to use it (apparently) cause when ever i try and find a point of interest or find a location etc. i get a screen saying... No connection to destination with the maps currently used. so im confused? how do i work this. its a Magellan Roadmate 1412
yeah you might have to hook it up to your computer and upload maps.
i just got a tomtom and it came with a cd that i just put in and plugged in the gps and it updated the maps.
does yours have anything like that?
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I think there's a customer service phone number somewhere in the manual...
Well not knowing the brand personally I can't help too much, but generally you need to plug it into your computer (USB) and download whatever maps you want on to it.
theres no plug to the computer, to update maps you need to put in an SD card and then put the SD card in the GPS.