1) Do I need a specific neck or can i Drill for another MH and get a 5 string nut?

2) Would I need to do anything major to the neck pocket of a normal body?

3) Are pups necessarily bigger for a 5 string? (i.e. more routing?)

any help appreciated, cuz im really struggling to find any cheap 5 string stuff in UK...
no, because tht would remove from the joy of building you philistine :P

(dont think I havent considered it in my weaker moments... )
You need to match the nut spacing, bridge spacing and neck taper, which will always be custom measurements depending on the hardware you use. So no different string hardware will never mix.

If the neck taper doesnt match the taper of the strings between the nut and bridge, the strings will not be parallel to the edge of the fret board and will look weird.

Not to mention the size difference of necks pockets etc between different strings.

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K, best solution looks like a fender style 5 string neck off of Ebay-shop, and custom the body...any suggestions for 5string Bridges? and MHs as well...