Last night I had a dream where I had somehow had got my hands on an up-market Epiphone Les Paul, and I quite liked it.
Quite nice. Had changed the strings and was going to tie up the loose bits at the end, when I realised they were too thick for that.
Thats when I realised it had turned into a baby blue Fender Precision.

I've had a dream like that before, except it was a full on Gibson Les Paul, and I was going to take it to my guitar teacher's, when I picked it up and it was a hollowbody bass.

Do you think it means anything?
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its just sub conscience, nothing to change your life :P Its probably just having guitars on the mind, its also how you have sex dreams, or out of frustration :P
If it means anything, I don't suggest you try and change a Gibson into a Fender Bass, you could get arrested. Unless you buy it.
i think it's coz u like guitars alot.
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Well, guitars obviously symbolise penises. So you'll get given a new penis soon.


(I'm so funny)
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Well, guitars obviously symbolise penises. So you'll get given a new penis soon.


(I'm so funny)

Hopefully my new penis will be more Precise then....

And no, no I don't know what I meant by that either.
it means that fire will shoot from every orafice of you body and radib smurfs will roast marshmallows over the fire, then consume your flesh....or maybe you're playing too much guitar.
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Last night I had a dream that a few of my mates and I were hunting zombies for sport. The combat style was exactly like the on in Mass Effect. It was awesome.
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