After some research on this site I've got some thoughts on what to buy and what to stay away from. However, as I live in Finland and I can't order from the US I need some advice on what to buy from the reltively cheap online stores here in Europe.

The best sites I've found yet are:


Anyway, I've understand I should look for a solid top guitar and I really can't look in the 300 dollar thread since they are around 300 euro and I'm quite sure I could get something better with my 400 euro budget.

Feel free to add any online stores you know that can ship to Finland (or Sweden (have a friend there)) for a reasonable price. So basically I have no idea on what I should look after since all guitars have different wood etc and the guitar stores here in Finland suck so I can't try any of the guitars I might buy.

So links to some good guitars in my price range would be very helpfull in my search for a nice guitar. Don't want to get dissappointed when I receive my package

Thanks in advance.
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