ok i have a small business down here in mexico selling paintball related stuff i buy of internet... One of my latest clients had missing pieces of his gone and became extremly mad.. i offered to give him free the parts he needed and he said it was ok. but i ordered them last wednesday and have been cheking their status on the USPS and fedex sites. thought the USPS hasn't posted and update since 2 days ago which worries me and makes me think they lost them.... i check through the fedex site which said that they gave USPS the stuff like 4 days ago and they kept the stuff in their office for 4 days when they told me the shipping was gona take about 6 and already like 8 days have passed so plz anybody willing to help me out
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the whole time i was expecting it to end in the fresh prince theme song

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English is obviously his second language, relax. Look, if the guy didn't want to take it for free then he is willing to wait. Just relax.
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calm down...

do something relaxing...fap.

Then, try asking again, in english.

+1, this guy knows what to do in a bad situation
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