Okay, I need to get a new amp pretty badly. Right now I'm playing a line6 spider3, but I'm selling that, and want to look into getting a nice tube amp. I've got around $600 to spend, but I can go a little higher if I realy need too. I need an amp that has nice cleans, cuase I do alot of acoustic type stuff, but I also need pretty good distortion since i'm in a punk band, I'll also need at least 50watts, cuase my band plays alot of outdoor venues for parties and suff....I was thinking about the Peavey Valveking, but I'm realy not sure....so any advice would be helpfull thanks
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Yeah Valveking seems to be your best bet, maybe the 212.

Good luck selling the spider

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Yeah I would go with the Valveking 2x12, the 50w might not have enough headroom for outdoors gigs.
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I would just get the 112 the extra 50 watts will only make it 3 db louder.
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