I bought a Fender Starcaster about a year ago for $75 USD off of eBay, and i've loved this guitar, it's plays fine, but mostly everything on it is stock. I've changed only the control knobs, pickguard, and pickup covers so it would be all black, but i haven't changed anything that's important to it... So i was wondering, would this be a good guitar, once i get my Epi LP Standard, to do some major modding on? Would this guitar be good with some new pups, tuners, possibly bridge, etc.?

Here's some links for it:

Why not

It's your first mod guitar, and you cant really screw it up more than it already is : )
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is this guitar better than the Squier, like, what's it status among all other Fenders? I know it's lower class, but i don't know specifically how low.

I really love this guitar, it sounds good the way it is, really. But my tuners suck, and the other day i was just thinking, when i get my new guitar, i should totally mod out this guitar. I think it would probably turn out great... just looking for opinions, though.

Thanks, rocabillyrollup.

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Possibly. But keep in mind the wood is very soft. So, don't go sawwin it or anythin.

why would i saw it?

I've played a real strat, a squire, and a starcaster. there's not too much of a difference.
^Wow. WOW.

But, well, yeah. It would give you knowledge as to any future guitars you might want to mod, as long as you like the guitar.
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its an OK guitar but not great. i only paid $99 for mine but it was on sale (regularly 120). it sounds ok but nothing compared to an epiphone. i play through a Crate GTD 65. i was thinking about moding mine too. i took it all apart, took off the neck, tokk off the pickgaurd, i was gona buy new pups but it was my only guitar and i wanted to play again so i put it back together and got it setup for $35 and now it plays great. be careful with the whammy bar. i over tightened mine and it snapped off and now half of it is in the block inside the guitar. now i dont have a whammy bar.