This is my first time writing lyrics and they're written in the Shakespearian style of a sonnet. 10 syllables per line roughly, and every other line rhymes somewhat. The last 2 lines are a summary of the lyrics and the last words were as close to rhymes I could get with the words I wanted to use and message I wanted to convey.

Fright of not lasting like a golden ring,
Afraid of falling through to a dark abyss,
Fear of slipping like sand through your fingers,
Misgiving addled feelings set amiss.

Dread of never hearing the tones of your voice,
Terror of being replaced by another,
Consequences of a wrongful choice,
Phobia of this act being smothered.

Gracefully walking on trampled hands,
With smiles on your face, a lovely quirk.
Auburn eyes held within gorgeous bands,
The world is within my grasp, you’re clockwork.

My pulse is yours, so never fear loneliness,
My promise of everlasting closeness.

Thanks for reading, leave some comments so I can make my next lyrics better.