So I just got my new guitar today, and it has an original floyd rose trem bridge. I took the stock strings off and replaced them with 10-52's, and it wont stay in tune (Drop C) and the bridge is also slightly coming forward, im scared to tune it any tighter because im not really sure what im doing ( watched a video guide for changing strings ) and i don't want to break my $1000 guitar.

if your not sure what you're doing then your best option would be to take it to the shop you bought it from and have them set it up for you. it's a b!tch to set them up especially when you change string gauge and tunings.
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take the string tension off, take the back plate off the guitar and tighten the claw that all the springs attach to in the guitar with a screw driver.. it will take alot of adjusting but thats what you have to do
When you are replacing the strings you have to make sure that you replace them with the exact same type of strings it had before. Otherwise the bridge will get all messed up and the bridge will collapse in or be too far out.
WELCOME to the world of floyd rose, you sound like you werent prepared for the huge amount of bother that they are.

there is a guide on the website to changing strings/adjusting/tuning them, as well as some video guides on youtube, check them out
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You have to set it up whenever you replace the strings. It has to be specially set up for Drop C. Most Floyd Roses don't like Drop tunins. So, go to your local guitar shop and ask em if they could teach you how to set it up or if you could watch em do so. Take notes and learn the process of settin it up yourself.
You may simply needto release the tension in them by pulling them away from the fret board tghtly but not so they snap, then re-tune
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Floating trems are not that difficult to adjust, and yes you most certainly can use different gauge strings. Its rediculous to think that you should never change gauges on a guitar with the floyd or other floating trem. Read about it and learn, but basically you need to equal the tension between the strings on one end and the springs on the other end of the trem to get it balanced. Work at it and you'll soon learn how to actually adjust your system and not fear it like a lot people seem to do. In the mean time you'll also learn when and how to adjust your truss rod, pro's con's of heavy vs light gauge strings, how to adjust your action, and all kinds of other stuff...