Helloes to everyone out there! I'm a newbie to the guitar, so bear with me. ;o

First, how does a pedal really work? I know how to use a pedal, that's not a problem for me, but I want to know what they do with the sound, how it works from the inside, you're with me?

Second, do I need TWO cables!? One for Guitar -> Pedal and one for Pedal -> AMP? :S

That's all, thanks to everyone who view and mostly to those who anwers (With real answers ofc.. =P).

//Rukasu Rindu
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1. They work by modifying the guitar's signal (as simple as can be

2. Yes, you need two cables.. guitar>pedal>amp (the > represents a cable)

3. Yes, you are a n00b.. because you stated in the beginning you were a nub

4. Your english is fine. but asking this makes you more like #3
nt sure on how they work dude but yes u need two jack to jack cables in order to actualy use the pedal lol XD
Pedals add further effects to those that are present on your amp (if your amp has any of course). There are many many different brands and types, and what you have all depends on the kind of sound you want.
A good place to start is a multi effects pedal such as the Zoom 505II. This way you can find the effects you like, then move on to buy specific pedals more suited to your style. The effects available are vast and can include distortion, overdrive, chorus, delay, flanger, phaser, whammy, wah etc etc etc.
As for leads your rig should go --> Guitar - Lead - Pedal - Lead - Pedal (etc) - Lead - Amp.
If you have many pedals you should look at patch cables, a short lead, which makes things a lot easier.
Hope this has helped and not confused further!!
Oh noes! That's bad.. So.. Umm.. Yeah.. Lol, forgot everything else I was going to say.. Yeah! Can I like.. Something something, blaah.. Umm.. That's right! I've got nothing more to say except thank you all for answering! ^^ ;o One last question just popped up in my head. =D Is it standard to get a cable with the purchase of a pedal or do I need to buy it separate?
basically they do stuff to your guitar sound. there are a massive variety of pedals. most common. is overdrive or distortion (hopefully you know what those are). then you can get more fancy, like chorus, which makes it sound like a bunch of guitars are playing. some others like wah (to understand this pretend like youre saying wah over every note you play, its really cool) and then some really cool stuff like **** that makes your guitar sound like a trumpet.. basically the cooler the thing it does the more expensive it gets :S
Maybe I should make one thing clear. =P I know what every pedal does to the sound and I'm getting a Wahwah in a few weeks when I can afford it. I want to know HOW they work, like, what are they doing to make everything diffrent? Dist and OverD is kinda guessable, but things like Wahs, how the hell does that work? :S