[Genius Idea] Using the Rockband/GH4 drums as a cheap electric drumset??

I am sure this could work somehow as they connect by usb. I am not sure about the Guitar Hero 4(i think its called world tour now?) but they will probably be usb. This could be such a good alternative to get a very cheap electronic drumset as they can be very costly. All you need to someone to program software to capture the input of the drums(can the drums input midi?) and then hook it up to a PC/laptop, listen using some monitors or headphones and bam, your set for only like <$200.

This could work really well with the new gh4 drums.
i tried it didnt work. =/

EDIT: I'm talking about the rockband drums. They're USB and it didn't work.
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It should work, but why not jus get a real electric drumset? Less, course, you don't have the money.
My friend has an electric drumset and he said you could plug the Rock Band drumset into the "soundbox"(?) You're proably right though.
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Yeah, I don't see why that wouldn't work.

As I haven't played RB yet, I can't say what type of connection it uses.

Assuming it's USB (or something using USB standards but with a bespoke connector), then I dare say that it wouldn't be a problem. If it's wireless, it may be slightly trickier to pair the device with a PC, but still do-able.

I'd go so far in saying that all you would need it some standard drivers (either keyboard or controller), modified for the input of the drum set. Something like Fruity Loops (where you can record input from a keyboard as if it was midi) could be used to trap the data, and then export to midi (if you wish), or used to control samples in a virtual drum set.

I reckon that if you "watch this space", an open source version of Frets on Fire will come out with drum support, then we'll all be laughing!

Edit: Seems like it's already been done! Go open source coders! Woo!
nice find TheRevolvers. they better come out something for the gh drums. they will feel more realistic and jsut be better overall
That is actually amazing that it works. I'm recording stuff and don't have a drummer so I could just use these. Thanks man.
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With World Tour, you can actually just go into the music studio (or Mii Freestyle if you've got the Wii version - if you do that, turn off backing tracks) and play the drums alone... then if you run the Wii's audio out into a recording device, you can easily record drums.

edit: DAMMIT I didn't realize this thread was so old I'm sorry.
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