I have a gibby sg standard and an emg 81/85 equipped epiphone zakk signature
lespaul. I am into neo-classical like malmsteen or satch these days and
I am looking for a shred machine. I am looking into fender malmsteen strat..
i never had a chance to play but scalloped neck and etcetc sounds pretty unique
Is fender yjm strictly for shredding; how versatile is it? Should i look into
ibanez or similar instead?
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I personally didn't like it. It felt really wierd, all the frets were scalloped, it was just ...urgh. I daresay it can be pretty versatile but I would still get an Ibanez or something, but thats just my preference.

By the sounds of the gear you already have you seem to like playing metal so a strat wouldn't be the best of decisions. Thats not to say its can't be used for metal but I think an Ibanez would probably suit you better.
I'd get something unique, like a non-signature guitar
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I think you're really going to have to go out and try at least a similar guitar; from what I can remember the Strat style neck is quite different to an Ibanez.

Go out and try as many different models from both companies as possible, that's the only way you'll know which is the right guitar for you. Any guitar is good for shredding as long as you like the feel of it.
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if you like neo classic shredding. you should DEFINITELY look into schecter or the jackson soloist. or some esp models for that matter. the fact is there are alott of great guitars for neo classic shredding,
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I'd get something unique, like a non-signature guitar

Technically what you said is an oxymoron. Do you know how many guitarists there are out there with the exact same model Les Paul Studio as the one you have. Quite a lot.

But to answer the TS's question, the big deal about Yngwie's strat is the scalloped frets (which I'm sure you knew already). Scalloped frets are something you have to try out first to see if you like them.