Alright UG. I'm sorry to say that I know nothing about microphones and I'm looking to buy an all-purpose one (for vocals, amps, whatever). Please explain to me a little bit about how they work, what kinds are better (dynamic, condenser, ?), and some good brands. Thanks in advance.
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Shure SM57

as for mic types this link should suffice

Or SM58's are good aswell. They can both be used to mic up drums too if you're interested.
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for amps, if you want a new age, dream theater sounding tone, take a shure sm57, stick it right on the grill of the cab on the sweet spot of the speaker...and press record. for a more old school, gnr sounding tone, get a good condensor and put it like a foot away or any distance for that matter from the amp, and it should be a creamier, smoother tone.
57 or 58

i have both
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