For a graduation gift I'm looking for a new electric guitar. The budget is roughly 1300. I have a Jm Fender Stratocaster, American Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul Standard and Gibson Sg Standard. I play mostly rock, not heavy stuff but i do turn my distortion up when i play.

Thanks for the hand.
My gear:
-Ibanez JS 6000 Custom w/ 11-48 gauge
-Ibanez FGM 400BB w/ 10-46 gauge
-Peavey 6505 2x12 Combo
-MXR Phase 90
-Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
-Morley Wah/Volume Pro Series II
-Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
-Gator G-Bus 8
-Xotic BB Preamp
How about an Ibanez for something different to what you already have, or maybe a new amp seeing as you already have quite a few guitars already (very jealous!!!)
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Well to be honest it sounds like you have all the guitars you need.

You can never have too many guitars!
I suggest an Ibanez or an ESP. Maybe a 7 string or somethin. 7 Strings are an interestin touch.
How about a Jackson, just for some diversity? Soloists are pretty good, plus it'll give you a FLoyd Rose to work with- just to try something a little different.
I would go for the Jackson RR!! Then you'd have pretty much everything. Or a Black gibson Flying V