I've been interested in writing Stoner Rock for a while know, and while I know some of the features of it, i.e. a Mid to Slow tempo and a repeating riff through out, it can't be that simple, what else am I missing in stoner rock?
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Depends - it's a pretty wide subgenre really. What sort of thing are you talking about? Kyuss/Sleep etc?
Spiritual Beggars calls themselves stoner rock. i'm not sure why, but i think they're awesome
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listen to some Kyuss, Priestess, Wolfmother, The Sword, Black Sabbath etc and mix it all together

its mainly the Black Sabbath that does it
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your probably missing the getting stoned part

right on
Look at Sublime's What I Got. Couldnt be much simpler. Very easy rhythm and like two chords and a little solo.

Alternatively, get wrecked and play what you think sounds fun(ny).
A bit part of stoner rock/metal is simply the sound. Big, fuzzy, downtuned guitars and basses are a big defining feature. I've found that using a bit of a swing rhythm to get that "rolling" sound is a nice trick as well.
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Like this?

Listen to some Eyehategod and Electric Wizard, dude.

Then get trashed and write some riffs.
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your probably missing the getting stoned part
Stoner rock is just normal rock played by stoners. There might be a lyrical theme about hallucinations, but that can be faked pretty easily.

Write music sober

Play music stoned

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