I have an Ibanez RG with an edge III, licensed floyd rose bridge and it's been pissing me off for a long time lol. So I looked into tremol-no, and though about buying it. I saw other techniques of blocking the tremolo with 2 wooden blocks. And that seems a lot cheaper, but maybe harder to do?

Do you think I should just get tremol-no? Or would it not be that hard to block the tremolo myslef?
Ibby with an Edge III? I hear that, I have the same problem.

I was gonna get a tremol-no a while ago, but instead of spending £50 I'll tell you my alternative method. I fitted it with some new string and made sure the action was to my liking, tuned it and whatever. Then, the only change I made from before was I didn't fit the locking nuts at the headstock back on.

And its stayed perfectly in tune ever since. Seriously. It makes the trem useless of course, but that suits me since I don't use the damn thing anyway, I find them annoying. However I can't downtune without the whole guitar going out (I believe with a tremol-no you can do drop D and whatever).

So yeah, try that method and see if it works for you. If not, block it or get a tremol-no by all means, but I see it as a bit of a waste of money tbh.
Yeah I can't palm mute too hard or the bridge gets pushed in, and most of my songs I play are in standard tuning, but a lot of songs I want to play are in drop D, so I have issues with that.
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JUst block the tremolo and you could go back and forth easily.

well do you reccomend just using blocks of wood? or purchasing tremol-no?
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well do you reccomend just using blocks of wood? or purchasing tremol-no?

How much do you want to spend? Tremol-no is going to cost a lot more than a small block of wood, but a block of wood will need to be "massaged" to fit in tightly.
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i converted my trem start into a hardtail. really easy, doesnt take that long, and cost me about 15$ for matierals, paint, sandpaper etc. it was my first ever time working on a guitar and it looks great, if ur gonna fill it, theres a thing on project gutiar to look at. thats what i used.
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I blocked the floating trem on my strat cost me well nothing as I just used 2 door shims I had at the house.
Not meaning to hijack the thread, but if you block it with wood, will you be able to go from E to D standard and stuff?

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