Hey, I've been looking into buying a 7 string guitar.

I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money because I'm not going to use it as much as I would another guitar.

The one I've been leaning towards is the Ibanez RG7321.

I was wondering maybe if anyone owns one or has played one and can tell me if its worth it.
Or maybe they could recomend another in that price range.

Thanks in advance.
My brother has an RG7321. Its a good guitar but the stock pickups really aren't that good, so a change would be in order there. But they feel great, the necks are brilliant and of course, it looks pretty damn good.

If its not for you, look into Schecters. They do quite a few entry-level sevens and although I haven't played one, I've heard thet're great guitars. The necks are quite a bit thicker than the Ibanez though.

If you're in the US, I strongly recommend checking out Agiles at www.rondomusic.com. They're ridiculously good guitars but not a lot of money at all. I'd get one but I'm in the UK and customs like to be pricks so....

Ask at sevenstring.org as well, they'll be more help than I am!
Schecter Damien/Omen, Agile, that Washburn-one

All solid guitars with a lot of bang for the buck. just try'em out and buy the one you like the most
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I have that RG

I'd like to replace the pickups, because it has a sort of stale tone, but other than that, it's amazing. the stability of a fixed bridge. 24 jumbo frets. I love mine.

Edit: not BAD tone, but just stale.
i have a 7321, it's a fantastic guitar. but like everyone else has said, the pickups...suck. the low B is muddy and they just don't sound very good. a RG7321 with a pickup change will be a great investment.
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