Hey guys, so, I just got hooked up with a little acoustic gig at the local indie record store, through my friend that works there. I need a 5 song set, and I don't want to play anything overly popular, because when you play a great, well-known song, expectations are raised. So far, I've determined two songs, almost definately

1. Together- The Raconteurs

2. The Legionnaire's Lament, Leslie Anne Levine, or Grace Cathedral Hill- The Decemberists (Only want to do one D's song, want some variety)

Looking for something sort-of indie-popish, that will sound good on an acoustic guitar with no band backing me. Also, bluesy stuff is also accepted. Open for all suggestions.

I'd put an mp3 up here, but the file size limit is a bitch, somehow I can't get the files small enough. For a little idea of it (don't look at my youtube by the way, the **** on there is incredibly old and terrible quality), my voice is kind of breathy and can be slightly bluesy, but it definately is not good for ANYTHING hard-rock. Vocal range is around the baritone-tenor area. Thanks in advance.
Stone Sour - Through Glass
Not very mainstream, and very soft. About 3/4 of the song is true acoustic, but you could easily convert the other half.
Also what about Serj Tankian - Empty Walls (acoustic). If you reckon you could get a decent vocal range then that would be amazing to do.
Eight Of Nine - The Ataris
What I Really Learned In Study Hall - Ice Nine Kills
A Lifetime In A Week - Ice Nine Kills
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Wherever you will go - The Calling

Okay, so it did get some big sucess, but this song would come without high expectations...
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Stone Sour - Through Glass.

seriously you don't think this is mainstream?

basically you should really pick songs other people want to hear when you play for other people. i love my metal, LOVE IT. but if i'm playing an acoustic set i'm going to pick some pink floyd, maybe some staind, a tool song i can do acoustically, maybe hurt by NIN, a perfect circle song and even through glass as mentioned above.

just play stuff you like that you know other people will enjoy. and make sure you can play and sing the songs you're going to do.
I'd pick Legionnaire's Lament as Decemberists song. Good uplifting song!

I'm afraid I'm not that much into most Indie so I can't help with many suggestions, but if you're looking into other genres perhaps you could pull off an Acoustic version to Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics? I always thought Waiting in the Weeds from the new Eagles album is a great acoustic song aswell.

Meh I've looked through my music library a bit (like 5% of which is indie music) but I can't come up with anything else. Good luck though.
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We Are Scientists have some great acoustic stuff which would go great with the Indie crowd.
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We Are Scientists have some great acoustic stuff which would go great with the Indie crowd.

Ooh, I haven't listened to much of them, but I really like them, and I've only heard their electric stuff.
Butterfly- Weezer
Creep- Radiohead (Cliche I know but a crowd pleaser)
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Eric Clapton - From Four Until Late
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven
John Lennon - Working Class Hero
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm
Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue
Bob Dylan - House of The Rising Sun
Jimi Hendrix - Here My Train A Comin'
The Beatles - Yesterday

I'd pay to see that set