so i got my taxes back and i'm thinking about investing in some recording equipment. Mostly so i can get these riffs outta my head without worrying about forgeting them. I'm only able to spend about $300 so my budgets not great. Basically i need something which i can record guitar and then put it on my computer to edit it. However i know very little about this, so i might not know what i need. please help me
i agree wit coheed218 though u can just DL audacity and record stuf there. it's pretty simple and if just reording to remember is what u are looking for, this simple download is the best way to go.
I've been looking into BOSS stuff. They sell various mini-recording studios. Built in mic, jack ports, effects, drum machine etc. I don't know much about them myself because I've never tried them, but I've heard really good things about them and am looking to get one for the exact same reason.

The ones I was thinking of are the BOSS Micro BR palmtop, Boss BR600 and BR900. Other than that they get very expensive. Hope I helped.
audacity isnt a bad way to go. if its just a simple recording, nothing too serious, then def. download audacity. i used to use it with a cheap desk mic propped in front of my speakers. it works, its simple, and free.

another good place to start.
So i can just download some recording software for free? I know i said i just wanted to record some riffs but down the road i might i to use to record some of my bands songs as well. i was looking at these two units


or maybe this


Would these suit my needs? and does anyone have any expierence with the quality of these?
save up money for good gear. ive spent hundreds on stuff i bought cause it was cheap and i was broke only to be limited by it as i got better at making music. if you ever plan on recording a good band and want to get an almost pro sound. you NEED good gear. In the world of audio equipment you get what you pay for. 200 bucks is shopping on the bottom end of the spectrum.