Alright, so I was thinking about buying the JJ High Gain Package at Eurotubes for $170 because I heard a lot of people say that JJ's were great tubes for really heavy music. But I've also heard some people say that the JJ preamp tubes aren't that great...

So, I'm wondering what the best tubes would be for death metal, and hardcore music... I wanted a package deal so it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass... But im open for suggestions. Should I still go with the JJ's or what?

From what I have experienced, and from a Semi-Pro friend, The JJ's pack a heck of alot of punch and clarity, and from what he says, "They're the ultimate tube!"

Hope this will help your decision

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In my Valveking I like Ruby 6L6GCs with the JJ 12AX7s. It gives it some serious balls, but it still keeps the tone smooth.

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tubes are hit and miss now a days, my amp tech said the best are coming out of china right now and to stay away from jjs for a while........
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The set you're looking at is either KT66s or KT88s.

I honestly wouldn't put those in it as, yes they'll work in it, but the bias isn't set right for them and would sound a hell of a lot better if you had it modded to adjust the bias.

Just stick with regular 6L6s, plus they'll be a lot cheaper. SED =C= 6L6s are great sounding, but the JJs sound nice in a 5150.

I'd suggest you go over to Doug's Tubes and ask him what his recommendation is, he likes to mix a lot of preamp tubes, which is a good way to go since that way if you're unhappy with how it sounds, you can just switch around the tubes. If you buy all the same tubes, you're just stuck with it.
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