Hey UG,

I am getting ready to do some live shows around September/October.
Do I need a mixer for the band? Help would be greatly appreciated!
depends on how big a venue youll be having
if its small, you dont really need one
jus tplay the drums louad, and turn the amps up

if you;re gonna run through a soundsystem, you might need one
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well what about the singer? im assuming you have some vox in your sound as a band?

but really all depends, are you 'hosting' the shows as in inviting other acts to play with you? then chances are depending where you play you will need a mixer and much mroe such as speakers and a poweramp depending on whether the mixer is powered or not; and much mroe equipment.
but it entierly depends again haha. the place may have a complete system with everything you need and maybe even a sound tech.....

if you are simply playing a show chances are the 'host' or club or band whatyever or whoever is hosting it shoudl have put the thought into it before booking bands, and should be well prepared.
It really depends on the type of PA System you'll be using if any. If you need vocal amplfication small club systems with either column style or min-bin (woofer & horn) speakers in the 100W -200W range are more than adequate for voice(s). In that case you may mike the bass drum if it's too soft to hear over guitar/bass amps and many small systems have some sort of mixer built in whether its console style or amplifier head style. You really can't mike a entire band thru these systems as the speakers won't handle it. To mike a band you really need a fair sized system with multiple speakers for extended range and power handling.
If you're not miking the band, I would use the drum volume as a baseline and set the guitar/bas (& keyboards if any) volumes appropriately so as not to drown out the drums. Then you only need to mike vocals and a descent club system should be able to handle that.