I was reading the "Obnoxious kids at guitar stores" Thread by RichieKotzen, and that got me thinking. Say I walk into a Guitar Store, trying out a guitar, and Some little snot tries to Upstage your Guitar testing? (Starts Playing some Eruption, Taken from Richie's example)

What are some Examples of songs you could play as a Counterattack?
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why do you want to start a competition or something? me i just mind my own business. and play couple of my own stuff and some blues improv. sometime i go with a friend and just jam with couple of our favorite songs
I Cum Blood.

Or something epic like Jizz Da Pit by Slash's Snakepit.
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If he's playing the tapping part really good it could be hard to beat...
uh, just break out and play the WHOLE free bird solo
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why don't you just ignore him??
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I'd shoot his kneecaps off and then stamp on his face. That'll show him
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Quote by Demonikk
I'd shoot his kneecaps off and then stamp on his face. That'll show him

Haha then you don't even need a song to counteract!

BTW your sig had me laughing for a while.
KILL HIM MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! no dont i was kidding. unless you ignore him i'd go out into some heavy metal **** that sounds really hard and dirty. like a metallica solo
what you do is quietly set down your geetar, walk over to his mamma grab her up and stick your tougue down her throat. then walk back over and pick up your geetar and comense to pickin. if lil billy is still being obnoxious (sp) then ....kill him. they got a room in the back full of dead smart &ssed pre teens who deserved to die cuz they were better at guitar than alotta older guys. ...kids dont try this at home...we are professionals here at ug.
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