My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Georgia

Background: Hey guys I'm a 19 year old college student at Georgia State, I had just got back from the Doctor where they diagnosed me with a sinus infection and I feel like complete ****. When I got back I was told to go get my little brother from soccer when I rolled a stop sign right outside my neighborhood. It was pretty bad I had to of been going 10-20 miles an hour through it. Officer pulls me over and I explain that I ridiculously sick, I had to go get my brother, blah blah can he work something out for me. He writes me the ticket and then explains that I should go to court and try to get the fine reduced or work with the judge (my first ticket ever). He also said that he will not be there. I thought i had the right to face my accuser? (at least in speeding tickets that is the case).

Also on the ticket he wrote:

"LN- said to be sick with a sinus infection"
"FT- looked sick. POLITE"

So my question is: What is the best way to go about dealing with this?
well if you have the doctors notice that you had a sinus infection, and then you explain to the judge that you were told to go pick up you little brother. i think they'll understand that you were honestly not paying attention due to your condition. but they probally drop it off record and then just charge you a fine... or something along those lines
Sounds like he was just writing a ticket because he already pulled you over. Just take it to the judge and he will prolly pardon it.
go to court, unless you're challenging his judgement of the situation, he's not required to be there. The judge will almost always lower the ticket/points if you show up and appear to be a good citizen (wear nice clothes, comb your hair, speak with good grammar, etc.)
He wrote nice things on the ticket too, which is good for you.

So make your court date and hope the judge is in a good mood.
The only thing you really can do is go to court. Be as polite as you were with the officer, don't make excuses, and simply speak your mind. You probably won't pay the amount on the ticket.
An officer not showing up in court pretty much means you'll get off. When he specifically tells you he's not going to be in court, it sounds to me like he is just trying to give you a kind of extreme warning.
From one Georgia boy to another: go to court dressed nicely and the charges should be dropped because the officer won't be in court. From what little I know about the legal system, the officer writing the ticket has to be at court in order for the charges to continue. You could mention that were sick, but don't dwell on it and hopefully you weren't on any serious medicine. Good luck!
if you go to court and the officer doesn't show up your ticket will be dismissed so you win, well that's how it is in california
i think the officer not being in court only applies to speeding tickets. I rolled it at like 20 lol and didnt stop. He had it on tape too. But I guess I'll just show up and explain what happened and as I don't have a record see if they can drop it.